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Holdsworth, Clare and Mendonca, Marina and Frisher, Martin and Shelton, Nicola and Pikhart, Hynek and de Oliveira, Cesar . (2014) Alcohol consumption, life course transitions and health in later life. London: University of Keele and University College, London. 8 p.

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Older people tend to drink less than any other age group. However, in recent years British survey data on alcohol consumption has shown that while younger age groups have experienced a decline in the quantity and frequency of consumption, drinking behaviours among the elderly have not declined in the same way. This means that as the population is ageing, older people are responsible for a greater proportion of alcohol consumption. Yet relatively little is known about the (a) diversity of patterns of drinking in later life; (b) how drinking is associated with key socio-demographic characteristics and health conditions; (c) and how drinking changes over time and which life course events, such as retirement and partnership change, might influence this process.

This research, funded by the Economic Social Research Council as part of the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative, explores these questions to improve understanding of drinking in later life and to inform possible interventions and guidelines targeting older people’s drinking.

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Date:September 2014
Pages:8 p.
Publisher:University of Keele and University College, London
Place of Publication:London
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