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Strategic Review Group on Penal Policy. (2014) Strategic review of penal policy. Dublin: Department of Justice and Equality.

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The Report of the Thornton Hall Project Review Group published in July 2011 recommended that an all encompassing strategic review of penal policy should be carried out which will incorporate an examination and analysis of all aspects of penal policy including prevention, sentencing policies, alternatives to custody, accommodation and regimes, support for reintegration and rehabilitation and the issue of female prisoners.

Having regard to that recommendation, the Group shall carry out a strategic review of penal policy taking into account:

- relevant work already carried out in this jurisdiction and elsewhere,
- the rights of those convicted of crimes,
- the perspective of those who are victims of crime, and
- the interests of society in general; and
shall make recommendations as how a principled and sustainable penal system might be further enhanced taking into account resource implications, Constitutional imperatives and our international obligations.

In the context of that review, the Group shall include in particular an examination and analysis of:
(i) the role of penal policy in crime prevention;
(ii) sentencing policies;
(iii) alternatives to custody;
(iv) custodial accommodation and regimes;
(v) reintegration and rehabilitation;
(vi) any special issues relating to female offenders and prisoners.

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