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Revenue Commissioners. (2014) Cigarette consumption survey 2013. Dublin: Revenue Commissioners.

PDF (Cigarette consumption surveys)

For the years 2009 to 2013, the Revenue Commissioners, in conjunction with the HSE’s National Tobacco Control Office (formerly the Office of Tobacco Control), commissioned ipsos MRBI to conduct research amongst smokers about the source of their cigarettes. The purpose of this research as to estimate the volume of illegal cigarettes being consumed in Ireland.

Key findings of 2013 survey

Legality of Packs

  • 12% of all smokers were classified as having an illegal pack in 2013.
  • A further 5% of all packs were found to be legal Non-Irish Duty Paid, i.e. legal cross-border purchases.

Contraband and Counterfeit  

  • Of the 12% of packs classified as illegal, 11% were classified as contraband and 1% as “illicit whites”. No counterfeit packs were recorded in the survey.

Consumption Estimates*  

  • The total cigarette consumption in Ireland in 2013 was estimated to be 5.19 billion, based on claimed smoking behaviour.
  • It is estimated that approximately 582 million illegal cigarettes were consumed in Ireland in 2013.
  • In this context, “illegal cigarettes” means contraband, “illicit whites” or counterfeit cigarettes, which were neither tax paid in the State, nor brought into the State by way of legal cross-border purchases.

Loss to Revenue  

  • The consumption of 582 million illegal cigarettes represents a loss to Revenue of approximately €212 million (Excise & VAT).
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