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Drug and Alcohol Findings. (2016) Alcohol Matrix cell C1: Management/supervision - screening and brief intervention. Drug and Alcohol Findings. 4 p.

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The Alcohol Treatment Matrix is concerned with the treatment of alcohol-related problems among adults (another deals with drug-related problems). It maps the treatment universe and for each sub-territory (a cell) lists the most important UK-relevant research and guidance. Across the top, columns move from specific interventions through how their impacts are affected by the widening contexts of practitioners, management, the organisation, and whole local area treatment systems. Down the rows are the major intervention types implemented at these levels. Inside each cell is our pick of the most important documents relevant to the impact of that intervention type at that contextual level.

What is cell C1 about?

As described more fully in the cell A1 bite, screening and brief interventions are usually seen as public health measures, aiming to reduce alcohol‐related harm across a population of drinkers. Screening programmes aim to identify people at risk of or experiencing substance use problems who are not seeking help. Many are not at the stage where treatment is appropriate or desired, so the typical response is brief counselling/advice – the 'brief intervention'. This cell is however not about the content of the intervention (for which see cell A1), but how implementation and impact are affected by the management functions of selecting, training and managing staff and managing the intervention programme – much less commonly researched, but crucial, because these procedures are implemented by practitioners who often neither see 'normal' drinking nor public health as their core business. Getting them to put their time and their hearts in to this activity is seen as the key task by people convinced that, given a chance, the interventions can work.

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