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Society of Editors, UK Drug Policy Commission. (2012) Dealing with the stigma of drugs: a guide for journalists. London: Society of Editors and UKDPC.

PDF (Dealing with the stigma of drugs: a guide for journalists)

Although vast quantities of newsprint and airtime are devoted to reporting on and discussing the impact of drugs in the UK, one aspect of the subject is rarely covered. That is the stigma attached to drug users – particularly those who have recovered or are recovering from addiction – and the effect that has on them, their families and society. Yet the media can play an important role in increasing public understanding about the nature of the condition and ways to overcome it.

This guide for journalists, the latest in a series produced by the Society of Editors, does not preach or take sides but sets out to explain the problem and suggest how the media can help.

1: The stigma variations
What stigma is and why it matters Pages 8 - 19
2: Drug problems
What are they and what causes them Pages 20 – 27
3: The recovery position
How drug problems can be overcome Pages 28 - 33
4: What journalists can do
Guide to good practice Pages 34 - 43
5. Codes and contacts
Where to get more information Pages 44 - 51

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