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Booth, Andrew and Purdy, Rowan and Ward, Sandra and Lindsay, Dion (2010) eLearning: Managing knowledge to improve social care. London: Social Care Institute for Excellence.

External website: http://www.scie.org.uk/publications/elearning/know...

This elearning programme sets out to help front line social workers gain a basic understanding of the principles and practice of knowledge management, as well as organise and manage their knowledge and information as effectively as possible.

• A day in the life - Day to day work contexts for knowledge in a professional practice, deciding how useful different sources of knowledge are.
• Types of knowledge - The knowledge cycle and framework
• How do I organise my knowledge? - How the knowledge can be organised and accessed and the consequences of poor organisation
• When knowledge gaps occur - Strategies for managing deficiencies in organising and managing knowledge
• Sharing knowledge in teams - Strategies for improving knowledge managing in teams
• Using technology to improve knowledge sharing - Choosing appropriate technology from the range available
• Knowledge beyond the team - Approaches to locating external knowledge resources and building a personal list
• Knowledge is our business - Identifying the culture enabling knowledge sharing
• Innovation through technology - Web 2.0 and user centred practice

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