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Devaney, Carmel and Canavan, John and Landy, Fergal and Gillen, Aisling (2013) What works in family support? Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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This document particularly complements and is to be used closely in conjunction with the Commissioning Strategy and the Parenting Support Strategy. The Child and Family Agency (CFA) Commissioning Strategy, National Guidance Local Implementation, 2013 is the first national commissioning strategy for child and family services in Ireland. The aim of the strategy is to ensure that the full resources of the CFA are applied to improving outcomes for children and families in the most efficient, effective, equitable, proportionate and sustainable way. The CFA Parenting Support Strategy, Investing in Families: Supporting Parents to Improve Outcomes for Children is the first explicit national parenting support strategy for child and family services in Ireland. The CFA statement of strategy on parenting support suggests that its core business is to invest in all families in order to support parents and improve outcomes for children and young people.

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