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Irish College of General Practitioners. (2014) Overuse of alcohol: physical signs. Forum: Clinical Focus , 14 (supp) , (2) , pp. 1-18.

Five short articles written by and for doctors about alcohol and health.
• Promoting safe drinking habits
• Serious physical effects and risks
• Cardiac events and alcohol addiction
• Assessment and treatment
• A collaborative approach

Item Type:Article
Date:May 2014
Page Range:pp. 1-18
Publisher:Irish College of General Practitioners
Corporate Creators:Irish College of General Practitioners
Place of Publication:Dublin
Volume:14 (supp)
Accession Number:HRB (Available)
Subjects:B Substances > Alcohol
G Health and disease > State of health > Physical health
G Health and disease > Public health
G Health and disease > Substance use disorder > Alcohol use
HA Screening, identification, and diagnostic method > Medical screening and diagnostic method
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Identification and screening > Identification and screening for substance use
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland

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