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McGovern, Garrett (2014) Alcohol dependence: Management and treatment in primary care. World of Irish Nursing & Midwifery , 22 , (3) , pp. 53-55.


Alcohol has a particular place in Irish culture. We drink far in excess of most other European countries. In a survey carried out in 2003, Ireland ranked third behind Hungary and Luxembourg for drinking the most alcohol among a group of 26 countries. The writer and journalist John Waters once wrote: “Drinking in Ireland is not simply a convivial pastime, it is a ritualistic alternative to real life, a spiritual placebo, a fumble for eternity, a longing for heaven, a thirst for return to the embrace of the Almighty.”

Ireland may well rank high in the international league table of drinkers but it is estimated that only about 10% of those who drink excessively actually present for formal treatment. There are a number of reasons why this figure is so low, including stigma, fears around anonymity, poor insight and lack of faith in current treatment options. Any sensible national policy around alcohol needs to address the issue of treatment, which has been under resourced for many years.

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April 2014
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