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Klimas, Jan and Cullen, Walter (2014) Helping problem drinkers. Forum , 4 , p. 20.

Under the guidance of brief interventions, how best can GPs help problem drinkers who also use other drugs, ask Jano Klimas and Walter Cullen.


Item Type:Article
Date:April 2014
Page Range:p. 20
Publisher:Irish College of General Practitioners
Accession Number:HRB (Electronic Only)
Subjects:VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method > Individual therapy > Brief intervention
G Health and disease > Substance use disorder > Alcohol use
B Substances > Alcohol
G Health and disease > Substance use disorder > Multiple substance use (Poly-drug /Poly-substance)
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care programme or facility > Community-based treatment (primary care)

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