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Health Service Executive. (2014) Health service performance assurance report. January 2014. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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Methadone treatment (p.27)
The Number of clients in receipt of methadone treatment during the current reporting period, outside of prisons, was 9,116. The agreed target/expected level of activity was 8,650. The current level of service uptake is 5.4% over expected activity. Compared with the same period the previous year there is a 2% increase in service level uptake. This data is reported a month in arrears and reflects December activity.
[See p.49 of the management data report for more detail]

Tobacco control (p.30-31)
The number of frontline healthcare staff trained in brief intervention smoking cessation is one of five Tobacco Control performance indicators set out in the Health and Wellbeing Division’s national scorecard for 2014. A profile for training plans and associated monthly targets in 2014 has been developed.

Performance against expected activity for the training of front line workers year to date is 86.3% ahead of target (95 staff trained versus an expected activity target of 50). Activity in January 2014 shows an increase of 82.7% against the same period last year (+43 staff trained). Dublin Mid Leinster area has shown an increase in training uptake of 100%.

The number of smokers who received intensive cessation support from a cessation counsellor had an expected activity of 1059 in January 2014 and performance is -8.3% with 971 receiving support. This is a 21.7% decrease in uptake of this service against the same period in 2013 (1240 in January 2013). Full data for performance against this indicator for January 2014 is not available at this time. It is anticipated that the overall target for the year will be achieved.

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