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(2014) NDTRS drug treatment data for 2011 and 2012 available on line. Drugnet Ireland , Issue 49, Spring 2014 , p. 15.

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Drug treatment data for 2011 and 2012 from the National Drug Treatment Reporting System (NDTRS) are now available in the DRUG DATA pages of the NDC website at www.drugsandalcohol.ie. The database now contains nine years of drug and alcohol treatment data that can be searched to produce customised reports. You can run analyses on the data based on up to eight different types of drug, and alcohol, in various combinations.
The variables available for analysis include year, age group, gender and place of residence (county, HSE region, LHO, regional or local drugs task force area). The report of your analysis can then be exported into Excel.
When interpreting the data, it should be remembered that each NDTRS record relates to a treatment episode (a case) and not to a person. Because there is currently no unique health identifier system in place in Ireland, the same person can be counted more than once in a reporting year if they had more than one treatment episode in that year.
Before using this resource you will be asked to accept a number of terms and conditions. These conditions protect the identity of NDTRS clients and the integrity of the data. We also ask that the NDTRS is acknowledged when data from the tables are used in a publication or presentation, and that the NDC and the NDTRS team both receive copies of any publication in which these data are used.

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