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Armstrong, Ruth and Barry, Joseph (2014) Towards a Framework for implementing evidence based alcohol interventions. Irish Medical Journal , 107 , (2) .

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Alcohol is ranked as the eighth leading cause of death globally and is a causal factor in more than sixty major types of diseases and injuries and results in approximately 2.5 million deaths a year1. This study tested the feasibility of screening and brief intervention (SBI) within four emergency departments. A total of 944 patients were screened for hazardous and harmful alcohol use. The results showed that there was good co-operation from the public with 888 (94%) people agreeing to be screened. The screening tool detected that 460 (49%) of those needed no intervention, 345 (36%) needed brief advice and 83 (9%) required referral to specialist services. This showed the value of the screening but also helped to reassure staff that people were happy to take part.

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