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Central Statistics Office. (2013) Probation recidivism 2008 cohort. Dublin: Central Statistics Office.

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The report is a detailed study of recidivism (re-offending) among offenders placed under Probation Service supervision in 2008, and the factors that influenced it. The statistics were produced by combining Probation Service and Garda Síochana administrative records.

Some of the key points highlighted in the report were as follows:
• Just over 40% re-offended within a three-year period of being placed under Probation Service supervision.
•Recidivism was higher for males (42.1%) than females (34.0%).
• Recidivism rates decreased with age, from 58.1% of offenders less than 18 years to 26.0% of offenders in the 45-64 year age category.
• Recidivism rate was higher for Probation Orders (42.3%) than community service orders (38.4%).

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