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[Irish Medical Times] , Reilly, Catherine Govt has ‘underestimated the Irish drinker’ on pricing. (30 Oct 2013)

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The Government has “underestimated the Irish drinker” if it considers that alcohol price hikes and a possible ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events will substantially address the alcohol problem in Ireland, according to a GP specialising in addiction issues.

Speaking to IMT before the minimum pricing announcement, Dr Garrett McGovern said price hikes would generally discourage less-established drinkers such as young people but not “well-established drinkers” who would drink no matter the price and could also access a “thriving illicit market”.

Budget 2014 imposed a 10 cent increase on the price of a pint of beer, cider or a standard measure of spirits and a 50 cent increase on a bottle of wine.

Dr McGovern said there appeared to be a belief from Government that the alcohol problem would be “won and lost” on pricing and advertising measures. People who were drinking heavily required help and the country also needed to “radically change” the way in which it delivered messages on alcohol to young people in educational settings.


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