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Australian National Council on Drugs. [ANCD] (2013) ANCD position paper: Needle and syringe programs. Australian National Council on Drugs. 28 p.

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The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) is the principal advisory body to the Prime Minister and the Federal Government on drug and alcohol policy, and recognises the significant contribution of needle and syringe programs (NSPs) to public health. We call on all Australian governments to continue to commit to the operation and expansion of NSPs, and to recognise NSPs as a core business of Australia’s alcohol and other drug sector.

The ANCD believes that while it is important to utilise NSPs to provide additional health services, education, and referrals to people who inject drugs, the provision of sterile injecting equipment should remain a primary focus. We believe that it is appropriate for Australia to aim for 100 per cent coverage of injections with sterile equipment, and for its NSPs to operate in ways that facilitate this aim.

It is important that NSPs continue to be funded at appropriate levels, and that there is a much greater level of transparency of the funding provided. In addition, ongoing data needs, and current data gaps, require that a national minimum data set for all Australian needle and syringe programs is developed and implemented.

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