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Health Research Board. (2013) Drugnet Ireland Issue 47. Issue 47, Autumn 2013 . Dublin: Health Research Board.

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1 Coolmine marks 40 years in addiction services
2 Responding to addiction in a time of recession – BYAP seminar
3 BYAP values individuality and people’s potential for change
5 Extent and patterns of cannabis use in Ireland
7 Criminalising addiction: is there another way?
7 Breaking the taboo – debating the alternatives to criminalised addiction
8 Incarceration as a health strategy – imprisonment for drug offences in Ireland
9 Beyond criminalisation
11 Global trends in decriminalisation
12 2013 UN World Drug Report
13 Towards UNGASS 2016
14 EU action plan on drugs 2013–2016 adopted
15 Status report on alcohol and health in Europe
16 Physicians urge action on alcohol-related harm
17 ‘A quick question’ – alcohol screening and intervention
18 Drugs, alcohol and children’s lives – strategy to improve our understanding
19 Suboxone feasibility study evaluated
22 Proposed regulatory framework for buprenorphine/naloxone products in Ireland
23 Clinical practice guidelines for prescribing methadone in pregnancy
25 Stakeholder views on housing-led services for homeless people
26 Youth homelessness in Dublin: key findings from a six-year study
28 Mapping the empirical research base of youth work: learning from international practice
30 Profile of attendees at MQI health promotion unit
32 Report of the Inspector of Prisons
32 LRC calls for repeal of mandatory sentencing legislation in drug cases
33 Research on recidivism
35 Penal reform high on the agenda
35 Drug law enforcement and seizures
37 From Drugnet Europe
38 Recent publications
40 Upcoming events

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Issue 47, Autumn 2013
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