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Tobacco Policy Review Group. (2013) Tobacco free Ireland. Dublin: Department of Health.

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Part 1 sets out the background and provides the policy, legislative and smoking prevalence context for the report.

Chapter 1 sets out the background and the terms of reference of the review. It identifies the current Irish and international tobacco policy setting including the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control(FCTC).

Chapter 2 sets out the health impacts of smoking and of second-hand smoke and the economic costs of smoking including the fact that:
• 1.6 million deaths related to smoking occur every year in the WHO European Region
• 5,200 people die every year from smoking related diseases in Ireland
• Second-hand smoke (SHS) causes 600,000 premature deaths globally every year
• Approximately €500 million of health expenditure in Ireland was directly due to smoking related diseases
in 2009.

Chapter 3 sets out data relating to smoking in Ireland for adults and children and compares them with international data. Data taken from the SLÁN Survey 2007 indicated a prevalence rate of 29%. Data taken from the National Tobacco Control Office for 2012 indicates a prevalence rate of 22% in 2012. In the 2010 Health Behaviour in School Children survey 12% of Irish 10 -17 year olds were identified as current smokers. The chapter also highlights the significant smoking trends in younger people especially young women and those in the lower socio-economic groups.

Chapter 4 sets out the progress which has been made to date in the area of tobacco policy and legislation.

Chapter 5 sets out information on the tobacco industry and introduces a recommendation regarding interaction with the industry in the context of Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC.

Part 2 sets out the plan for the future in achieving the goal of a tobacco free Ireland by 2025.

Chapter 6 sets out the policy and rationale for the Tobacco Free Ireland report based on the WHO MPOWER model and other additional themes.

Chapter 7 sets out recommendations for the protection of children and denormalisation of tobacco use
in Ireland.

Chapter 8 sets out recommendations for building and maintaining compliance with tobacco control legislation and recommendations relating to the future regulation of the tobacco retail environment.

Chapter 9 sets out recommendations under the different WHO MPOWER themes i.e

Chapter 10 sets out recommendations in relation to National and International Partnerships.

Chapter 11 sets out a target for the development of an action plan for the achievement of a tobacco free Ireland by 2025.

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