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[Rape Crisis Network Ireland] Rape Crisis Network Ireland: press release on Arthur's day. (25 Sep 2013)

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This ‘Arthur’s day’ Rape Crisis Network Ireland call on the government to take action to prevent rape by implementing the recommendations of the National Substance Misuse Strategy report.

Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI), has today called for the government to stand up to vested interests in the alcohol industry and prevent rape crimes by implementing the recommendations on combating alcohol harm in our society.

Since 2009 Ireland has had clear evidence of the levels of alcohol involvement in sexual violence, with over 76 per cent of all rape defendants stating that they had been drinking at the time of the rape, in the seminal Rape & Justice in Ireland report.

Fiona Neary, RCNI Executive Director said: “the evidence on alcohol and sexual violence is overwhelming. Preventing further rape , and tackling low levels of reporting and prosecution, means this government must tackle toxic alcohol consumption. Yet to date not one recommendation of the National Substance Misuse Strategy has been implemented by this government. This Government is failing victims of rape and is failing to prevent rape crimes.

“RCNI repeat our call for minimum pricing to be brought in and continue to support the full implementation of the new National Substance Misuse Strategy which has a range of recommendations designed to reduce the harm to Irish society of alcohol consumption”.

For more information on Alcohol and Sexual Violence visit the RCNI blog for detailed fact sheets and briefing documents at www.rcni.ie/media or for help and support for survivors of sexual violence visit www.rapecrisishelp.ie

For information please contact Anne Marie Flynn on 087 9848459 or comms@rcni.ie

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