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PDF (Randomized trial of a reentry modified therapeutic community for offenders )

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Randomized trial of a reentry modified therapeutic community for offenders with co-occurring disorders: crime
Sacks S., Chaple M., Sacks J.Y. et al. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment: 2012, 42, p. 247–259.

From the USA, the first randomised trial of a post-prison therapeutic community designed for psychologically disturbed problem substance using offenders found it halved the numbers reimprisoned and did even better when preceded by similar in-prison treatment, confirmation that what happens when people leave prison can be critical.

Therapeutic communities are residential facilities with a distinctive therapeutic ethos and programme founded on joint living and peer influence. Core principles and methods include: a focus on the 'whole person'; a highly structured daily regimen; fostering personal responsibility and self-help in managing difficulties; using peers as role models and guides, with the peer community acting as the healing agent; regarding change as a gradual, developmental process and moving clients through progressive treatment stages; stressing work and self-reliance through the development of vocational and independent living skills; and promoting prosocial values within healthy social networks to sustain recovery.

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15 August 2013
Drug and Alcohol Findings
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15 Aug
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