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Probation Service. (2012) Probation service recidivism study 2007-2011. Dublin: Probation Service.

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The Probation Service and Central Statistics Office have established a partnership to conduct research on recidivism and related issues among offenders on supervision in the community. This first study report is based on anonymised offender and offence information on a 2007 cohort of offenders from the Probation Service supervision database. The study reports on recidivism within two years among that cohort using four years follow up of recorded crime and Court Service data held by the Central Statistics Office.

The study also examines variations in recidivism relating to type of original order, gender and age of the offender, category of original offence and of the subsequent offence.
This recidivism study, in partnership with the Central Statistics Office, provides a clear overview of community sanctions and their outcomes; informing the Service in the development and support of effective interventions in working to make our communities safer.

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