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Coggins, Marie A and Semple, Sean and Hurley, Fintan and Shafrir, Amy and Galea, Karen S and Cowie, Hilary and Sanchez-Jimenez, Araceli and Garden, Carole and Whelan, Paul and Ayres, John G (2013) Indoor air pollution and health. Wexford: Environmental Protection Agency. STRIVE report series no. 104.

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The number of deaths caused by smoking in the home could be comparable to the numbers of fatalities from road traffic collisions, according to new research led by NUI Galway and funded under the EPA’s STRIVE Research Programme.

‘Indoor Air Pollution and Health’ is a new in-depth study of air pollution in homes and shows that the concentration of particulate pollution in the homes of smokers who smoke indoors is six times higher than the World Health Organisation’s recommendation for general outdoor air quality.

This research examined the health impacts of air pollution in homes. It presents new information on levels of indoor air pollutants in homes using solid fuels for heating or cooking and in homes that have a resident smoker. The report highlights the need for public health policy and research professionals to develop interventions to address this.

The objective of the Indoor Air Pollution and Health (IAPAH) research project was to quantify the levels of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) in Irish and Scottish homes where open combustion takes place, and provide an estimate of the potential health burden due to exposure to combustion derived air pollution in the home. IAP concentrations were measured in 100 homes in Ireland and Scotland.

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STRIVE report series no. 104
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