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Central Statistics Office. (2013) Garda recorded crime statistics 2007-2011. Cork: Central Statistics Office.

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Summary p.5
01 Homicide Offences p.11
02 Sexual Offences p.15
03 Attempts/Threats to Murder, Assaults, Harassments and Related offences p.19
04 Dangerous or Negligent Acts p.25
05 Kidnapping and Related Offences 29
06 Robbery, Extortion and Hijacking Offences p.33
07 Burglary and Related Offences p.37
08 Theft and Related Offences p.41
09 Fraud, Deception and Related Offences p.45
10 Controlled Drug Offences p.51
11 Weapons and Explosives Offences p.55
12 Damage to Property and to the Environment 61
13 Public Order and other Social Code Offences p.65
14 Road and Traffic Offences (NEC) p.73
15 Offences against Government, Justice Procedures and Organisation of Crime p.79
16 Offences Not Elsewhere Classified p.85

There were 17,651 recorded Controlled drug offences (ICCS 10) in 2011, a decrease of 11.3% since 2010. The number of drug offences had decreased every year since 2008. In 2011, over 70% of recorded offences in this group were Possession of drugs for personal use (ICCS 1022) offences.

The overall detection rate for this group in 2011 was 98.9%. Drug offences have high detection rates due to the fact that a suspected offender is generally present when the incident becomes known to the Gardaí.

Relevant proceedings were taken for 12,119 Controlled drug offences recorded in 2011, with court proceedings commencing for 10,807 offences. Convictions were secured in 3,694 instances, while 1,698 offences were still pending.
Males aged less than 25 years old represented 44.2% of all those convicted for Controlled drug offences recorded in 2011.

Comparing per capita figures for 2011 the Dublin Metropolitan Region had the highest number of recorded offences for Possession of drugs (ICCS 102).

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