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[Alcohol Action Ireland] Alcohol charity launches (21 Mar 2013)

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Alcohol Action Ireland launches new website to assist people find alcohol-related services and information

A new website to assist people seeking help and support in relation to alcohol-related issues has been launched today. The website,, also has general consumer information on alcohol, including a drinks calculator and calorie counter. has been developed by Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, in response to consistent demand from people contacting the charity seeking access to alcohol services, as well as information and advice. Last year, almost 6,000 people used Alcohol Action Ireland’s service finder to search for help.

Alcohol Action Ireland Director Fiona Ryan said: “The service finder had originally been set up to cope with the calls and emails to the office from people looking for help and information, usually for a loved one. We were surprised ourselves to find that almost 6,000 people had used the service finder in 2012. That coupled with demand for general information and for specific information relating to alcohol consumption led us to develop

“We always stress when people contact us and when they visit that the best first point of contact for someone seeking help or specific health information is their GP, as their doctor is the best qualified to offer help and advice. The reality is, however, that for many people, particularly younger ones, the first place they look for help is online.

“As well as listing particular services, also provides general information on alcohol and its impact, as well as providing information for individuals if they are being negatively impacted by another’s person’s drinking.” offers users:
• The Alcohol Service Finder
• A series of leaflets providing information and advice on alcohol, including tips on how to cut down on your drinking, with specific leaflets for families, women, men and older people.
• The Drink Calculator, which allows you to calculate how much of your low-risk alcohol limit you are drinking – and how many calories you are consuming in the process
• Information and advice on how to talk to others about their drinking, including how to talk to someone whose drinking you’re concerned about and how to talk to a child about alcohol
• Information, advice and links to the relevant supports for those of all ages, including children, who may be suffering as a result of someone else’s drinking, such as a parent or partner
• Links to organisations that offer support and services for who may be suffering as a result of someone else’s drinking

Ms Ryan said: “The unfortunate reality is that, while alcohol consumption in Ireland has dropped slightly in recent years, half of us are still drinking at harmful levels and as long as this is happening a large number of people are going to continue to need access to services that can help them or a loved one, as well as information and advice on alcohol-related issues.”

For further information please contact Conor Cullen, Communications Officer, Alcohol Action Ireland, on 01-8780610 or 087-9950186.


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