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Health Canada. (2002) Best practices: Concurrent mental health and substance use disorders. Ottawa: Health Canada.

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Over the last two decades the co-occurrence of addiction and mental health problems among people seeking treatment and support has emerged as an important issue for those who plan and fund mental health and substance abuse programs, as well as for those who provide direct service. Concerns about concurrent disorders have been fuelled by research showing the high prevalence of such co-morbidity and its implications for the course, cost and outcome of treatment and other support services.

The present project provides a synthesis of the research information and offers specific recommendations for the screening, assessment and treatment/support of this in-need population based on the highest quality research information that is available. The research synthesis has been combined with the advice and input of experts and other key stakeholders in the field, including consumers who have experienced the severe consequences of concurrent disorders. This synthesis is best seen as complementing the considerable amount of work that has preceded the project and the reader is encouraged to examine the key resource material drawn upon (Appendix A).

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