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An evaluation to assess the implementation of NHS delivered alcohol brief interventions: final report.
Parkes T, Atherton I., Evans J. et al. Edinburgh: NHS Health Scotland, 2011.
In three years from 2008 Scottish national policy drove delivery of nearly 175,000 brief alcohol interventions, testament to what can be done when policy is backed by funding and infrastructure and incentive payments contingent on implementation. Leverage and acceptance were greatest in primary care, where the vast majority of the work took place.

Brief interventions in healthcare settings are a significant component of the Scottish government's alcohol strategy. The aim is to use quick screening questionnaires to identify people drinking above sensible drinking guidelines and to offer brief advice to hazardous and harmful drinkers to reduce their consumption and risk of alcohol-related harm. The government established a health improvement target (HEAT H4) for NHS health boards in 2008 supported by a substantial increase in funding for alcohol treatment and support services. Between April 2008 and March 2011 this required the Scottish national health service to deliver 149,449 brief interventions across three priority settings: primary care, emergency departments, and antenatal care. Later it was extended to the delivery of 61,081 alcohol brief interventions during April 2011 to March 2012, with the aim of embedding these interventions in health service practice.

The featured evaluation focused on implementation in primary care but also reported on some dimensions of implementation in the other two settings. Data was collected mainly in 2010 at national, health board, practitioner and patient levels. The next section is based on the report's own summary.

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20 December 2012
Drug and Alcohol Findings
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