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Blenheim CDP. (2012) Making research work: How Blenheim hosted a successful contingency management research project. London: Blenheim. 24 p.

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There is consensus in the substance misuse field that all interventions delivered must be developed from a robust evidence base that is supported by rigorous research. Creating optimum conditions for a research project to flourish is a challenge, especially if the aim is to carry out the research in an authentic environment.

The London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM) has been able to complete the first ever contingency management (CM) research project in the UK by entering into a two year research partnership with Blenheim. This research, once published, will be the largest piece of CM research analysing the relationship between CM and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in the UK.

Summary of key learning points:
• Embed the programme
• Development of the therapy manual
• Lead in period
• Identify lead staff member for the research project
• Staff training and supervision
• Pilot phase

Summary of recommendations:
• Develop a reciprocal relationship with the researchers
• Invest
• Get the programme right
• Demonstrate leadership
• Involve the whole organisation
• Work with resistance
• Be realistic

It is evident from the experience of Blenheim that while hosting a research project is not easy and requires commitment and investment, there are many benefits and rewards to be gained.

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