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British Association of Social Workers. [Alcohol Policy UK] (2012) Alcohol & older people. Essential information for social workers. Birmingham: British Association of Social Workers. 16 p. A BASW pocket guide

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Four alcohol and substance misuse guides have been released in 2012 to support social workers who specialise in adults and childrens services but who do not specialise in substance use.
1. Alcohol and older people
2. Children, families and alcohol use
3. Mental health and substance use
4. Younger people and alcohol

This guide seeks to support social workers in their practice with older people who drink alcohol. It will also be relevant for other social and health care professionals. The information in the guide should be supplemented by further reading and learning.

3 Introduction
4 Some do’s & don’ts
5 Older people’s drinking
6 Consequences
7 Alcohol & prescribed medication
8 Positive drinking
9 Identifying older people’s drinking
10 Interventions – key skills
11 Interventions – effective approaches
12 Safeguarding, mental capacity & best interests
13 Alcohol & residential settings
14 Carers & alcohol
15 Resources
16 Local contact information

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Guideline
Drug Type:Alcohol
Intervention Type:AOD disorder harm reduction, Psychosocial treatment method, AOD disorder
Source:Alcohol Policy UK
Date:December 2012
Pages:16 p.
Publisher:British Association of Social Workers
Corporate Creators:British Association of Social Workers
Place of Publication:Birmingham
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