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Anderson, Peter and Braddick, F and Reynolds, J and Gual, A, eds. (2012) Alcohol policy in Europe: evidence from AMPHORA. The AMPHORA project.

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This ebook with the key findings of the AMPHORA project is timely, because the new EC strategy on alcohol is under discussion. Our research shows we are still lacking a good monitoring system to control alcohol-related harm (Rehm, 2012), but the available data show that improvement has not occurred, probably because most of the political and policy initiatives have not taken into account what the evidence says. The most relevant evidence (Anderson et al 2009; Babor et. al, 2010; Anderson et al 2012) shows the importance to act on price and availability. Institutions like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization (2011) have stated clearly that increasing price, reducing availability and banning advertising are the best buys to decrease alcohol-related problems.

AMPHORA is the first research project on alcohol from a public health perspective that has ever been co-funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Program of Research. With 33 partner institutions from 12 EU countries, counterparts and affiliated organizations from all 27 member states and a budget of €4 million, the AMPHORA project has developed during the past 4 years intensive research in some of the areas where evidence was more needed.

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