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Medical Bureau of Road Safety. (2011) Medical Bureau of Road Safety 5 year corporate strategic plan 2012 - 2016. Dublin: Medical Bureau of Road Safety.

PDF (MBRS 5 year corporate plan) - Published Version

The strategy takes into account the proposed changes in work load based on trend analysis of previous years and also takes into consideration the proposed changes to legislation that are planned for later in 2011.

The strategy also takes into account the problem of drugs and driving and the need for the Medical Bureau of Road Safety to accommodate both the number of specimens for analysis and also the type of drugs to be analysed. The Bureau has also to plan for the introduction of roadside drug testing.

5 Year objectives
1. To continue to provide a high quality national forensic service in alcohol and drug analysis, the provision of Bureau certificates and Court assistance.
2. To maintain the ISO17025 accredited status achieved for the different analytical programmes within the Bureau and to extend the scope of accreditation to additional areas.
3. To adapt and incorporate into the Bureau activities any legislative requirements over the five year period.
4. To build up a forensic toxicology (including alcohol) knowledge base within the Bureau scientific staff.
5. To reduce the current requirement of out sourcing confirmatory drug analysis.
6. To increase Garda capacity to detect drug drivers at the roadside.
7. To ensure that all work in the Bureau is maintained and improved where possible to a high standard of quality that is required of a national forensic laboratory in a cost effective and efficient way.
8. To assist with education, enforcement and legislation measures as outlined in the current National Road Safety Strategy 2007 to 2012 and in the next National Road Safety Strategy.
9. To maintain effective financial management systems and operate within best accounting practices and frameworks.
10. To ensure that the Bureau has Corporate Governance in operation and has the ability to objectively and effectively assess management and corporate performance.

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