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Cork Simon Community. (2012) Working it out- a report on the barriers to employment faced by people who are homeless. Cork: Cork Simon Community.

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The report highlights a pattern of deep disadvantage from an early age with many having left school before 14. Many still suffer educational disadvantage with low levels of literacy, numeracy and IT literacy – 30% never used a computer - including almost 1 in 10 younger people. Many have few qualifications and limited work experience with the majority now long-term unemployed. A substantial proportion suffer illness or disability that prevents them from working.

Adding to this, most say they lack confidence to look for and return to work and most are worried about prejudice from employers because they have experienced homelessness.

Yet the report also finds that people, despite severe challenges, want to improve their circumstances with 1 in 5 taking part in training in the past 12 months – a figure one percentage point higher than the general public’s engagement in formal or informal learning in a 12 month period.

Those in secure supported housing have the highest level of participation in education and training initiatives indicating that when secure appropriate housing appropriate is in place, people are in a much better position to address their barriers and engage in training and educational support.

•95% of those of working age are unemployed - 92% of whom are long-term unemployed (out of work for one year or more);
•65% of all respondents left school early with the majority leaving before their Inter or Junior Certificate;
•63% believe their physical or mental health would make working difficulty;
•65% believe people would not employ someone who is or has been homeless;
•59% of those unemployed do not feel confident looking for or returning to work.

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