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Royal College of Psychiatrists. (2020) Cannabis and mental health: information for young people. London: Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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This webpage gives you some basic facts about cannabis and also how it might affect your mental health.

Lots of young people want to know about drugs. Often, people around you are taking them, and you may wonder how it will make you feel. You may even feel under pressure to use drugs in order to fit in, or be ‘cool’.

What is cannabis?
The cannabis plant is a member of the nettle family that has grown wild throughout the world for centuries. People have used it for lots of reasons, other than the popular relaxing effect.

It comes in two main forms:
• resin, which is a brown black lump also known as bhang, ganja or hashish
• herbal cannabis, which is made up of the dried leaves and flowering tops, and is known as grass, marijuana, spliff, weed, etc.

Skunk cannabis is made from a cannabis plant that has more active chemicals in it (THC), and the effect on your brain is stronger. Because ‘street’ cannabis varies so much in strength, you will not be able to tell exactly how it will make you feel at any particular time.....

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