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Malone, Kevin and Quinlivan, L and McGuinnes, S and McNicholas, F and Kelleher, Cecily (2012) Suicide in children over two decades: 1993-2008. Irish Medical Journal, 105, (7),

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Suicide rates have increased in Ireland’s youth over the past two decades. However, no research report has focussed on suicide rates in those aged under 18 – the children of Ireland. We retrieved national disaggregated age and sex-specific suicide mortality data from 1993-1998 and compared it with similar suicide mortality data from 2003-2008. Significant age (older vs younger) and sex effects (boys greater risk than girls) are apparent in both decades Suicide rates in both males and females have increased (males: 9.3 - 13.5 / 100,000), (females: 2.4 - 5.1/100,000. Suicide rates in under 15 year olds boys and girls is extremely rare for both time periods studied (1.6/100,000). Results are discussed in light of the rights of children and the obligation of the nation in this regard, as well as more child-specific and transition to adulthood-specific suicide prevention policy implications.

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