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Ipsos MORI. (2012) Alcohol: public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Dublin: Health Research Board.

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The Department of Health asked the Health Research Board (HRB) to ascertain the knowledge, opinions and behaviours of the general public in relation to alcohol consumption and whether they agreed or disagreed with some of the measures proposed in the recently published Report of the Working Group on a National Substance Misuse Strategy (for alcohol).

The HRB designed a draft questionnaire with some input from senior members of the HSE National Alcohol Awareness Campaign. The HRB and Ipsos MRBI finalised the draft questionnaire and Ipsos MRBI maximised the objectivity in the way the questions were worded and ensured that the layout and coding would facilitate easy administration. Ipsos MRBI used their national quota survey methodology and their highly trained interviewers to implement the survey. At the request of the HRB, Ipsos MRBI weighted the data using the Census 2011 and analysed each question by gender and age. The HRB thank Ipsos MRBI for their work of this survey.

The HRB welcomes the public input to this survey. The survey findings indicate that there is a strong belief (85 per cent) among the 1,020 survey respondents that the current level of alcohol consumption in Ireland is too high and a general perception (73 per cent) that Irish society tolerates high-levels of alcohol consumption. A considerable majority (72 per cent) say they know someone who, in their opinion, drinks too much alcohol, and of the 744 respondents who know someone who drinks too much, 42 per cent say that the person is an immediate family member.

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