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An Garda Siochana. (2012) Annual report of An Garda Síochana 2011. Dublin: An Garda Siochana.

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In 2011, the Garda National Drugs Unit arrested 116 persons in connection with drug trafficking offences. Some 80 of these were charged and are before the Courts. The remainder were made the subject of investigation files to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A total of 67 significant seizures were made during the year which either disrupted or dismantled a number of organised crime gangs.

These seizures included the following:
• 20 April 2011: Seizure of 400kgs (€2.4million) of cannabis resin and 50kgs (€600,000) of herbal cannabis at Malahide Road Industrial Estate (Operation Vesta);
• 28 June 2011: Seizure of 200kgs (€2.4million) of cannabis resin at Rathcoole;
• 13 October 2011: Seizure of 72.5kgs (€5.07million) of cocaine at Fermoy, Cork (Operation Oppress.)

Among the most successful investigations carried out in 2011 were:
• Operation Agon: International investigation in conjunction with Revenue’s Customs Service and the US Drug Enforcement Administration;
• Operation Fortuna: Maritime investigation into the activities of an international drug trafficking gang with Irish contacts;
• Operation Nitrogen: Nationwide investigation with district and divisional drug units into cannabis cultivation sites.

There is no doubt that GNDU made a significant impact on the drug trafficking community in Ireland during 2011 by arresting and prosecuting a number of individuals involved in drug trafficking and fracturing drug supply routes operated by those intent on destroying the fabric of Irish society through the illicit drugs trade. In 2012 the unit will continue to relentlessly pursue the purveyors of the drug trafficking trade including those based within this jurisdiction and in other jurisdictions where individuals are impacting on the Irish State.

The policies pursued will involve proactive intelligence led investigations into members of organised crime gangs at all levels. They will also involve targeting the assets of persons involved in this illicit trade and the Garda National Drugs Unit will work closely with the Criminal Assets Bureau in that regard.

Statistics for 2011 (p.37)
01 Homicide Offences - 63
02 Sexual Offences - 2,052
03 Attempts/Threats to Murder, Assaults, Harassments and Related Offences - 16,605
04 Dangerous or Negligent Acts - 9,940
05 Kidnapping and Related Offences - 104
06 Robbery, Extortion and Highjacking offences - 2,918
07 Burglary and Related Offences - 27,439
08 Theft and Related Offences - 76,924
09 Fraud, Deception and Related Offences - 5,311
10 Controlled Drug Offences - 17,709
11 Weapons and Explosives Offences - 4,099
12 Damage to Property and to the Environment - 35,723
13 Public Order and other Social Code Offences - 49,015
15 Offences against Government, Justice Procedures and Organisation of Crime - 9,760

See also, Forensic Science Laboratory drugs section statistics, page 41

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