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White, William L and Mojer-Torres, Lisa (2010) Recovery-orientated methadone maintenance. Chicago: Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center, the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services, and the Northeast Addiction Technology Transfer Cente.

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Reviews the history and context of methadone maintenance treatment, and its place within a recovery-orientated system.

There are growing calls to shift the acute-care model of addiction treatment to a model of sustained recovery support analogous to the long-term management of other chronic diseases. The purpose of this monograph is to explore what this shift means to the design and delivery of methadone maintenance (MM) treatment and the status of MM treatment and MM patients in the United States.

Recovery-oriented Methadone Maintenance has two primary audiences. For addiction treatment professionals and recovery support specialists who have not worked in methadone maintenance treatment, our goals are to:
• provide a primer on the historical evolution and scientific status of MM treatment,
• explore the controversies surrounding recovery status and methadone maintenance, and
• enlist readers’ support for a model of recovery-oriented methadone maintenance (ROMM).

For addiction treatment professionals, recovery support specialists, and patients and their families directly involved with MM treatment, our goals are to:
• document the dissipation of recovery orientation within the evolution of MM treatment,
• engage readers’ support in reviving and extending such a recovery orientation,
• discuss MM in the context of recent efforts to define and measure addiction recovery,
• describe core clinical practices within MM that would change in the shift toward a model of ROMM, and
• outline strategies to address the professional and social stigma attached to methadone, MM treatment, and MM patients.

Recovery-oriented Methadone Maintenance is divided into four articles:
I. Historical Context
II. Recovery and Methadone
III. A Vision Statement
IV. Long-Term Strategies to Reduce the Stigma Attached to Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery within the City of Philadelphia

These four articles are also available individually, each containing both the relevant Executive Summary material and the content from the body of the monograph. The intent is to provide tools for both broad and focused examinations of this critical topic.

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