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Ireland. Department of Health. (2012) Department of Health statement of strategy 2011-2014. Dublin: Department of Health.

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What will we do?
• We will develop a policy framework setting out the Government’s longterm vision for the future of public health, covering the period from 2012 to 2020. The framework will set out how the public health function will operate in the coming years and will be supported by an implementation plan with timelines and targets.
• We will improve the protection of public health by implementing a range of programmes in health promotion, health maintenance, immunisation against infectious diseases, water/air safety, screening and emergency planning.
• We will progress legislative, policy and other measures aimed at advancing the attainment of the goal of a Tobacco Free Society, including the publication of our Tobacco Policy Report and the introduction of graphic warnings on tobacco products.
• We will tackle alcohol and drug misuse through a range of measures, including the publication of a National Substance Misuse Strategy and the introduction of additional controls on use, import and export of benzodiazepines and so-called "legal highs"
• We will progress, via the Special Action Group on Obesity, a range of measures relating to diet and physical activity.
• We will promote legislation, policies and processes to achieve the highest standards of food safety.
• We will protect the health and safety of the public with regard to medicinal products, cosmetics and medical devices through an appropriate legal framework, policies and structures.
• We will transpose EU directives on Pharmacovigilance, Falsified Medicines and Patient Information into Irish law.
• We will develop and enhance preventative and early detection cancer services. This will involve phased implementation of a cervical cancer vaccination catch-up programme for all secondary school girls over the lifetime of this Strategy and the introduction of a national colorectal screening programme.
• We will develop services to reduce levels of suicide and deliberate self harm in line with Reach Out: National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention.
• We will publish a new Positive Ageing Strategy.

Programme for Government Commitments include:
• Outline key priorities for short-term implementation of the National Addiction Strategy.
• Expand rehabilitation services at local level in line with need and subject to available resources.
• Integrate drug and alcohol abuse strategies at local level
• Develop compulsory as well as voluntary rehabilitation programmes.
• Ensure every Government Department, Agency or task force responsible for implementing elements of the National Addiction Strategy will be required to account to the Minister for their budget annually and to demonstrate progress on achieving targets.
• Work with Local and Regional Drug Task Forces to implement effective programmes aimed at preventing addiction in schools.
• Require all local and regional drugs taskforces to build on the success of Education Prevention Units in other taskforces.
• Target resources to increasing the number of needle exchange programmes and rehabilitation places across the country where it is needed most.
• Assist drug users in rehabilitation through participation in suitable local community employment schemes.

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