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Health Service Executive. (2012) National tobacco free campus policy. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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The Health Service Executive (HSE), as the leading healthcare provider is committed to reducing the use of tobacco and its harmful health effects. The HSE aims to create a healthier tobacco free, clean environment for its staff, patients/service users and visitors. As the national body responsible for health promotion, health protection and prevention of illnesses and disease, the HSE has adopted the Tobacco Control Framework which states that all HSE campuses will become tobacco free within 3-5 years (by 2015). As a result, smoking by employees, patients/service users, visitors and any other parties will be prohibited within all HSE campuses on or before 31st December 2015. The policy will help change social norms around tobacco use, treat tobacco addiction as a healthcare issue, and promote smoking cessation by actively advising, encouraging and supporting people to quit smoking.

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