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Health Research Board. (2012) Drugnet Ireland 40. Issue 40, Winter 2011 . Dublin: Health Research Board.

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1 The value of education in drug rehabilitation: report of new research
2 Trends in treated problem alcohol use
5 2011 report on the drugs situation in Europe
6 Results from the third general population survey in Ireland
8 National Drugs Conference of Ireland 2011
9 What are the Minister’s priorities?
10 Drugnet digest
11 Latest NDTRS drug treatment data now available on line
12 Drugnet Ireland 10 years on: what have we learned?
16 Service providers accredited in Community Reinforcement Approach
17 Review of motivational interviewing in addressing substance abuse
17 Employment and drug use: an emerging evidence base
18 Update on drug-related deaths and deaths among drug users
19 The national community detoxification initiative
21 Quantitative evidence of a heroin drought
23 New drink driving limits and penalties in Ireland
24 AAI conference addresses alcohol-related harms
25 Alcohol consumption and pregnancy: a retrospective cohort study
26 Children’s exposure to risks from parental drinking
27 A family affair? Seminar on parental substance misuse
28 Prioritising children in drug policy and practice
29 Impact of legislation to control head shops
30 Drug tests in Irish prisons
30 Neuroscience and addiction recovery – NEAR conference
31 ACAMH youth mental health conference
32 MQI annual review 2010
33 Drugs in focus – policy briefing
33 From Drugnet Europe
34 In brief
35 Recent publications
36 Upcoming events

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Issue 40, Winter 2011
January 2012
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Health Research Board
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Issue 40, Winter 2011
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