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National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2013) Seeking drug abuse treatment: Know what to ask. National Institutes of Health. NIH plication no. 13-7764.

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Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask, will help individuals and families struggling with addiction ask the right questions before choosing a drug treatment program.

“Treatment options can vary considerably, and families often don’t know where to begin,” said NIDA Director Dr. Nora D. Volkow. “This booklet highlights the treatment components that research has shown are critical for success, to help people make an informed choice during a very stressful time.”

The new publication is based on a NIDA resource describing the principles of drug addiction treatment from a research-based perspective. It recommends five helpful questions people should ask and explains what the research has found to be most effective. Specifically, the booklet explores these themes:

1. Does the program use treatments backed by scientific evidence?
2. Does the program tailor treatment to the needs of each patient?
3. Does the program adapt treatment as the patient's needs change?
4. Is the duration of treatment sufficient?
5. How do 12-step or similar recovery programs fit into drug addiction treatment?

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June 2013
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NIH plication no. 13-7764
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