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Brunsdon, Nigel (2010) Needle & syringe programme outcomes tool. England: Injecting Advice Ltd.

PDF (Needle & syringe programme outcomes tool) - Published Version

The tool is a single page based on a mind-map. This includes areas of discussion around the main topics for NSP (overdose, injecting injury etc) as well as other topics that are often discussed in NSP but that workers rarely ever document (education, housing, employment). Recording of these discussion and related outcomes are increasingly important when it comes to talking to commissioners and maintaining funding.

This tool has been written to be easy and intuitive to use, but still be robust enough to enable workers to have in-depth conversations and keep track of outcomes and work done.

What makes this different from other NSP tools I've come across is that this doesn't just record the risk factors an injector has, but also keeps track of protective factors.

Supporting notes
This has extensive worker notes that explain the whole process. There is also a detailed example of how to 'score' the sheet and a tracking tool to monitor each individual’s scores

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