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Ryan, Fiona and Hope, Ann and Byrne, Sean and Quinn, Colette and Coughlan, Sandra and Saidlear, Cliona and O'Halloran, Sharon and Toft, Christine and Bibby, Thomas and McKillop, Martine and Lavery, Stevie (2011) Alcohol Action Ireland’s conference - presentations. 15th November 2011 Dublin: Alcohol Action Ireland .

URL: http://alcoholireland.ie/2011/alcohol-%E2%80%93-wh...

Session One - Alcohol and Crime in Ireland, Counting the Costs
• National Quantitative Research, Director of Alcohol Action Ireland, Fiona Ryan
• National and International Context - Dr. Anne Hope
• Economic Costs of Alcohol Related Crime - Senior Lecturer, Sean Byrne

Session Two - Exploring Responses to Alcohol and Crime
• Garda Juvenile Diversion Program - Superintendent, Colette Quinn
• HSE South - Health Promotion Officer, Sandra Coughlan

Session Three - Hidden Harm - Sexual and Domestic Violence and Alcohol
• Rape Crisis Network Ireland - Cliona Saidlear
• SAFE Ireland - Director, Sharon O’ Halloran
• Alcohol Concern - Director, Christine Toft
• Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE) - CEO, Thomas Bibby
• Head of Crime Reduction Branch, Martine Mc Killop & Belfast Community Safety Partnership, Stevie Lavery

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