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[Irish Medical Times] Dual diagnosis and overcoming addiction. (22 Oct 2011)

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An upcoming conference on mental health will stress the importance of recognising mental health problems in the treatment of addiction.

The Role of Dual Diagnosis’, what it is and why it is so important in the effective treatment of addiction is one of the topics being covered at Toranfield House’s upcoming NEAR Conference in the Ritz Carlton from 10 to 12 November this year.

Dr Conor Farren, who established the Dual Diagnosis Programme at St Patrick’s University Hospital in 2003, will present on this topic at the conference, drawing on his many years of experience in studying addiction psychiatry at Yale University in Connecticut and running the Addiction Psychiatry sections of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Bronx Veterans Hospital in New York, as well as his work in St Patrick’s.


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