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Social Care Institute for Excellence. (2011) eLearning: Parental substance misuse. London: Social Care Institute for Excellence.

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The Social Care Institute for Excellence’s (SCIE) Parental substance misuse elearning resource is designed to support social workers responsible for ‘children in need’ when working with families where a parent or parents are misusing drugs or alcohol.

These elearning resources provide audio, video and interactive technology to assist in exploring parental substance misuse, its effects on children and parenting capacity and the implications for social work practitioners.

The modules are presented in an accessible and engaging way. They look at:
•defining and recognising substance misuse
•the effects on people
•health and treatment options
•relationships with families.

•Understanding substance misuse:
An introduction to the different types of substances commonly misused and the effects that these may have on the people taking them.

•Understanding the impact on children:
Explores how parenting capacity may be compromised and how children may be affected by parental substance misuse.

•Implications for children’s social work practice:
Explores the implications that parental substance misuse has for social work practice and to recognise when an assessment is needed.

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