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Crowley, Fiona (2003) Mental illness: the neglected quarter. Dublin: Amnesty International, Irish Section.

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• The mental health policy update begun by the Department of Health and Children must address the needs, and ensure that its consultative process allows for the full participation of marginalised communities and their representative organisations, as should other areas of mainstream policy-making where they have not traditionally been involved.
• Disaggregated data collection and research is required to support policy on the mental health of marginalised groups and to measure the effectiveness of responses.
• Awareness-raising, training and staff supports are required regarding the needs of marginalised or vulnerable groups, and should be incorporated into all relevant public and mental health services.
• Effective action should be taken on all relevant recommendations made in the reports of the Equality Authority, the NESF, the National Council on Ageing and Older People, and other reports endorsed in this report.
• A comprehensive system of personal advocacy and an effective complaints procedure are required, to ensure that marginalised people with or at risk of mental illness are assisted in exercising the full range of their rights.
• A public education and awareness campaign to counter the stigma of mental illness, emphasising the rights of people in marginalised communities.
• Rights-based disability and mental health legislation should be enacted to give full effect to Ireland’s international human rights obligations, with due regard to its obligation to enable persons in marginalised communities to exercise their rights on an equal basis with other citizens.

Date:November 2003
Pages:41 p.
Publisher:Amnesty International, Irish Section
Place of Publication:Dublin
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