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Davies, Peter (2006) Risk and need in offender populations in Ireland. Navan: Probation Service.

PDF (Risk and need in offender populations) - Published Version



Overall the patterns of risk and need broadly remain the same. Within that pattern however there are changes that help in understanding the overall increase in scores.

They are:

1) An increase in scores in the Criminal History sub component (1-10). This would be caused by the offenders being tested actually having more substantial criminal histories, or by knowledge about their histories being more readily available to the LSI-R users.

2) A 6.28% increase in those being scored as unemployed. This also impacts on item 21, ‘reliant on social assistance’ (+3.08%) and item 20, ‘Problems’ (in managing finances) (+3.19).

3) Increases in those assessed as having a ‘current alcohol problem’ (item 39 and/or a ‘current drug problem’ (item 40).

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