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Davies, Peter (2006) Risk and need in offender populations in Ireland. Navan: Probation Service.

PDF (Risk and need in offender populations) - Published Version

Summary: Overall the patterns of risk and need broadly remain the same. Within that pattern however there are changes that help in understanding the overall increase in scores.

They are:
1) An increase in scores in the Criminal History sub component (1-10). This would be caused by the offenders being tested actually having more substantial criminal histories, or by knowledge about their histories being more readily available to the LSI-R users.

2) A 6.28% increase in those being scored as unemployed. This also impacts on item 21, ‘reliant on social assistance’ (+3.08%) and item 20, ‘Problems’ (in managing finances) (+3.19).

3) Increases in those assessed as having a ‘current alcohol problem’ (item 39 and/or a ‘current drug problem’ (item 40).

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