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[Addiction Technology Transfer Research Center] (2009) Promoting awareness of motivational incentives (PAMI).

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Research has shown that motivational incentives programs using low-cost reinforcement (prizes, vouchers, clinic privileges, etc.), delivered in conjunction with onsite urine screening, promotes higher rates of treatment retention and abstinence from drug abuse. This Blending Team focused their efforts on informing the field about successful approaches in the use of motivational incentives (also referred to as contingency management).

This training encourages adherence to the 7 core principles of motivational incentives:
1. Identify the Target Behavior
2. Choice of Target Population
3. Choice of Reinforcer
4. Incentive Magnitude
5. Frequency of Incentive Distribution
6. Timing of the Incentive
7. Duration of the Incentive

Blending Team products include:
• Motivational Incentives Awareness Video
• PPT presentations for clinicians and policy makers
• Toolkit (Activities, sample materials, etc.)
• Resources (Bibliography, articles, FAQ, etc.)

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