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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2007) Alcohol treatment systems and services. Position paper. Dublin: Alcohol Action Ireland.

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Alcohol Action Ireland is a non-governmental organisation that was founded in 2003. The objective of AAI is to increase understanding of inappropriate use of alcohol on the health and well being of Irish society and the public policies necessary to reduce the problems associated with such use. Through advocacy, we aim for the implementation of policies necessary to reduce the problems which will protect people from future harm from alcohol and which supports those currently enduring such harm.

With regard to treatment, AAI draws on the principles of equity, accountability, quality and people centredness, which underpin the Health Strategy: Quality and Fairness; A Health System for You. (Department of Health, 2001) AAI is also guided by the ethical principles and goals of the European Charter on Alcohol, which states That all people with hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption and members of their families have the right to accessible treatment and care . (World Health Organisation Europe, 1995)

The position of AAI, on treatment service provision, is informed by consultation with organisations and individuals who were contacted in order to obtain their views on treatment services. National and international policy documents were reviewed along with evidence of best practice. An advisory group provided additional input and advice.

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