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Focus Ireland. (2011) Focus Ireland annual report 2010. Dublin: Focus Ireland.

PDF (Focus Ireland 2010) - Published Version

Focus Ireland has identified the groups most at risk of becoming homeless, which include households at risk of tenancy breakdown, young people leaving state care, people leaving rehabilitation programmes, people leaving prison, people with mental health problems, and people who require support to access vital advice and information on their rights and entitlements. To address each of these pathways into homelessness, Focus Ireland provides services to prevent people from becoming homeless.

Focus Ireland provides a range of services and supports including:
• The Crisis Intervention Service Partnership (CISP)
• Off-the-Streets
• Prison In-Reach Programme
• The Step-Down Programme
• Advice and information services
• Regional contact and outreach service
• Focus Ireland’s Coffee Shop
• Extension Mobile Service
• The Extension Day Service
• The Caretakers Hostel and Case Management Service
• Aylward Green Supported Temporary Accommodation for Families
• Childcare
• Learning, Employment and Preparation

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