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Reuter, Peter [UKDPC] . (2011) Options for regulating new psychoactive drugs: a review of recent experiences. London: UK Drug Policy Commission. 32 p.

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This paper is intended to provide the basis for a discussion of policy options in dealing with new psychoactive substances that show signs of popularity and of harmfulness within a wider project being undertaken by the UK Drug Policy Commission and Demos, the outcomes of which are presented in Taking Drugs Seriously: a Demos and UK Drug Policy Commission report on legal highs (Birdwell et al., 2011).

The review considers the international context, current approaches to tackling new drugs with a main focus on the USA and Europe, and examines four specific examples of new drugs: BZP, Spice, mephedrone and naphyrone. It also looks at the possible learning from other regulatory frameworks, those for foodstuffs and for alcohol and tobacco.

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Drug Type:New psychoactive substance
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD prevention, AOD disorder harm reduction, Crime prevention
Pages:32 p.
Publisher:UK Drug Policy Commission
Place of Publication:London
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